Unhappy? Tell someone

Recently I wote about the difficulties at work.

Deafness in the Workplace

Well today I was called over by my manager who went on to tell me that it had got back to her through someone I had told I was unhappy and why.

She was upset that I had not spoken to her sooner and that she thought we had a good work relationship. I explained that I had found it difficult because of our shift patterns sometimes being different.

I explained how I wasnt happy at work and had been going home very stressed and upset and that I didnt feel supported and the fact I was still waiting to be set up with new hearing equipment after such a long time made me feel inadequate in the job and the pressures of the targets which are the same as everyone elses were making it even harder for me to feel equal. I felt I was failing both the company and myself and that I felt like I was a target and left thinking that they were trying to find reasons to get rid of me.

She assured me that this was not the case and that I was not failing. Yes I wasnt hitting certain targets and misding crutial things I shouldnt of been but she was there to suppost me and help me. She was just as frustrated as me about how long the equipment was taking to be put fully in place and promised she would chase it up.

The point im trying to make with this blog is – if your unhappy about anything, anything at all, talk to the person instead of letting you thoughts and emotions get the better of you. Find out what can be done to help resolve the problem. Don’t do what I was doing and try to run away every time things got awkward or difficult. Once the person knows there is a problem or that your unhappy, only then can the steps be put in place to help you through it.

🌟Happy New Year Everyone🌟

🌟Make 2018 your year to shine 🌟


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